Every dreamer will at a point be misunderstood, judged, doubted, rubbished, questioned or opposed.

They will be called proud, disobedient, or confused persons with ulterior motives because every dream is a departure from something that’s common.

Where you are now is a common place, and where you want to be will be uncommon if you have genuine vision.

A dreamer will either set to do same thing in a different way or do different thing entirely.

This mentality can’t but raise different issues in any environment you find yourself as a dreamer.

Therefore, as a dreamer, prepare for your cross if you want to see your dream come true in life.

Remind yourself what you promised yourself and the generation to come deep within you daily.

Thanks for the privilege of your time reading this short piece.

Charles Awodu
CEO, World Leadership and Inspirational Foundation Inc.

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