Nurturing the Minds…
Raising World Changers

Inspiring the Minds of Future World Leaders for Life of Excellence, Significance, and Greater Productivity.

World Leadership and Inspirational Foundation Vision & Mission Statement

To raise leaders imbued with cutting edge skill-sets and enduring values that will bring about the required transformative leadership culture in societies for better and productive living.

Our mission is to employ modern diagnostic and pedagogical tools to nurture, train, inspire and raise people that will change their world through standard seminars, sets of training, mentoring and teaching, as well as embarking on community development projects and outreaches for the revival of the body, spirit, and soul, and for rebuilding the old ruins to enthrone a better world.


Creating the World’s Next Leaders

Enhancing your abilities and skills to lead and achieve your vision


Fostering Empowerment and Leadership Culture in Children Across the World

Shaping up brilliant minds and guiding the younger generation


Informative Seminars and Education

We provide a series of educational discussions to help you achieve short-term and long-term organizational and personal development.


We build and Encourage Foundations for Positive Impact in the Communities and Nations.

We partner with different organizations to help them attain good leadership for a positive impact in their community.


Africa’s Leadership & Inspirational Outreach

This program helps to provide sets of training and materials for communities in Africa. We reach out to shape minds and empower hands towards new Africa. The new Africa needs new breeds.

Immigrant Integration & Leadership Program

This program helps to reorientate and redirect immigrants toward making positive contributions to support their host communities. It will amply serve the new-comers to guide them in making the right career choices, job searches, and in the development of their potentials.

Lighting the Mind Program

This is a highly diverse monthly gathering where young adults and seniors in the community assembled for interactive leadership and inspirational training and development.

Summer Leadership Programsfor Kids/Teenager/Youths

We organize, ‘Catch Them Young’ summer leadership programs for kids. As schools teach them mathematics, we support them with ‘lifematics’ leadership trainings as WLIF believes that good moral defines the beauty of academic diplomas. This program will help the parents to work while the children are being productively engaged during summer.

One on One Community Kids at RiskMentoring Program

This program helps to provide support for kids that are facing moral or identified areas of challenges or negative influences for proper redirections. We meet them at the nearby public library as agreed by the parents or guardians or as may be deemed convenient for the kid and parents.

We build long-lasting relationships and help you succeed.

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